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Sales, Service and Maintenance of 
X-Ray, C-Arm, CT-Scanners and Medical Equipments

Success Stories:

CT-SCANNER Repairs in Al-Mukalla, Yemen.

One Service Engineer done some tricks with GE CT-Scanner and other local Engineer was not able to locate cause of problem. We found that all calibrations were out of specs. After correcting calibrations found some one changed jumper settings of OC Boards. All jumper settings were corrected and machine hand over to customer in good working condition.

In one GE X-Ray Machine Service Providers were not able to repair it because it was old model. They suggested to replace the control unit which was costing more then 2000 $. We under take the challenge and repair critical Boards and made the machine working only in 500 $. Machine is still working after repairs (6 months).(Madhya Pradesh State, India)

Surgico C-Arm Machine was badly destroyed by rats. Company Service Engineer called the Machine to factory for re-wiring. We under take this repairs and after 2 days of continuous work we re-wired all. After that we still have to replace 2 fuses to make the machine OK. The Customer was very happy because we saved his money(1000 $) and time.(Gaya, Bihar State, India.)