Reliable Repairs and Sales of X-Ray, C-Arm, CT-Scanners and all kinds of Medical Equipments

Arthur  MediComp  Tronics

Sales, Service and Maintenance of 
X-Ray, C-Arm, CT-Scanners and Medical Equipments

Maintenance and Repair Services:

CT-Scanner, X-Ray, C-Arm, Ultrasound Scanner and All kinds of Medical Equipment. Reliable and affordable

Services Provided in Africa, Middle East, India and East Asia. 

Sales, Resale, Export and Import:

CT-Scanners, X-Ray, C-Arm, Patient Monitors and other Medical Equipment. All Products meet Quality Standards. Online support and Onsite Warranty is available. We provide after sales service for life time  of product.


Basic + Advance Electronics and Computer Hardware. It's implementation 

in Medical Equipment(s), Troubleshooting.

CT-Scanner and X-Ray Machines: Fundamentals, Schematic Diagrams reading, Theory of operation and troubleshooting.